Esprit Shiraz, the gastronome

La cuvée Esprit Shiraz est un champagne travaillé tout en équilibre avec les 3 cépages champenois  : 1/3 pinot noir, 1/3 meunier et 1/3 chardonnay. Un champagne puissant aux accents vineux très atypique.

Esprit Shiraz is the symbol of the balance.

A champagne where each grapes variety, led to perfect ripeness, can completely express itself.

Be careful to don't mistake with syrah; Esprit Shiraz

is a beautiful reference at Shiraz town. A vintage which will guide you, of course, to a dreaming and poetic spirit worthy

of the Orient nights.

Straw hello, warmed gold, subtle bubbles

Autumnal strength bouquet

Maturity roundness, balance between strength and subtlety, length aroma

Suggestion of food and wine pairing


It's the perfect ally of your starters with scampis or scallops, but also a surprising side dish with game birds and poultry.

Idea + : associate it with your cooked cheeses' selection (abondance, parmesan, beaufort...)

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