A challenge for all the family !

Will you know guide you in the vineyard and foil wines and vinification secrets ? During 1h to 1h30, all your senses will be test : orienteering, thinking, speed, tasting. And maybe will you lucky to be the winner... 

Whether between friends or in family, events have been studied so everybody can participate.

Discover the champagne otherwise

True or false, quizz, riddle, blind tasting, game... a fun way to better understand the universe of champagne and be out of the traditional tours. Of course, to the most curious, it will available to discover cellar and winery all along the day.

Small restaurant facilities

coupe de champagne et assiette de charcuteries fromages seront disponibles sur place
©chrisrobbins950 - HansBraxmeier

To hand you your emotion a glass of champagne will wait for you at your finish. To prolong this moment, on the spot you will be able to eat : delicatessen, cheese, crips and of course champagne ! Those who want can take their picnic too.